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Starlight Music Group (SLMG) is a Multi-Media Corporation specializing in labels and artiste relationship development. (SLMG) is the mediator between the client, and any music company or organization for a sit down meeting. If you have the name and the company for which the employee works! We can get you that special meeting you deserve. Whether it be with any of the big "FOUR"

Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group,
Warner Music Group EMI

Each of which consists of many smaller companies and labels serving different regions and market Eg.1 (Def Jam Recordings, Atlantic Records, and Warner Bros. Epic etc.), To any of the three major publishing companies, (BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC).

SLMG Also works closely with all Clear Channel owned radio stations, booking agencies, well connected entertainment attorneys, managers, and well established PR firms.

With over 70 music industry veterans making up our promotional team, we guarantee that their high-level industry relationship with labels, agencies, radio stations and PR firms will get you that one on one meeting you deserve.

Because here at the Starlight Music Group, we believe:
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